Into Dust

Into Dust
With mysterious shamanistic superpowers, a shy teenage girl in an isolated U.S. border town turns the tables on the Mexican drug gangsters who killed her father.

Into Dust invited to screen at TheShow Austin

Into Dust screened Saturday, January 14 at TheShow Austin at the 29th Street Ballroom.
Cast and Crew were in attendance, including writer/director Amy Quick Parrish, Erin Taylor (Janey Santiago) Marie DuPont (Pilar), Kole Collins (Carlitos) and Zach Guerrero (Delbert). Co-producer Mark Parrish, Assistant Director Vernon Smith and Musical Composer Richard Bowling were also on hand.

Here are some pics from the Q&A that followed.

TheShow Austin's Val Gameiro (right) interviews Into Dust's writer/director Amy Quick Parrish.