Into Dust

Into Dust
With mysterious shamanistic superpowers, a shy teenage girl in an isolated U.S. border town turns the tables on the Mexican drug gangsters who killed her father.

Into Dust is a supernatural action-adventure in the vein of Smallville, a sort of Native American Wonder Woman: The Teenage Years.

A shy teenage girl living in an isolated US bordertown develops the abilities to fight back against the drug dealers who murdered her father.

The story follows Janey Santiago, her friend Pilar and her mysterious mentor Augusto Trueno as they try to keep their town safe from the drug wars. Problems occur when gang member Oscar tries to recruit Janey's brother, Carlitos, into the gang. Outnumbered, Janey must find the power within her to save Carlitos and defeat the gangsters.

Here's the trailer for the series:

Into Dust was created by Amy Quick Parrish and filmed on location in and around Austin, Texas.