Into Dust

Into Dust
With mysterious shamanistic superpowers, a shy teenage girl in an isolated U.S. border town turns the tables on the Mexican drug gangsters who killed her father.

Background/extra call time: 11 am Saturday

Call time is 11 am at Hays High School 4800 Jack C. Hays Trail in Buda, TX. Please park in the lot between the building and the football stadium and meet at the entrance by the elbow of that loop near the C buiding. Ask for Marjie, Jess or Jim.

Please come dressed as a high school student (no logos!) and bring a backpack-- no logos, and PLEASE BRING YOUR RELEASE SIGNED BY YOUR PARENTS. The shoot will be approximately from 11-6. Please bring sun screen and anything that will cool you down-- we'll be outside half the day. It's going to be fun!

Into Dust Extras Casting

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