Into Dust

Into Dust
With mysterious shamanistic superpowers, a shy teenage girl in an isolated U.S. border town turns the tables on the Mexican drug gangsters who killed her father.

Into Dust: Feature Film?

Here's what professional Hollywood reviewers from Franklin Leonard's The Blacklist 2.0 say about the feature script for Into Dust: 

"The Mexican landscape is beautifully rendered and full of vivid color and symbolic imagery. Janey is a likeable protagonist and the death of her father is an emotionally devastating inciting incident. Janey’s romance with the handsome and mysterious AUGUSTO is sexy and arresting. They share a sizzling chemistry that makes their scenes together the strongest part of the movie." - The Blacklist 2.0 2/21/2013

"The best version of INTO DUST would certainly do best in the hands of an independent production company and distributor. This strategy would target film festival and art house audiences, as well as communities along the border of Mexico and America. As written, the screenplay would likely appeal to two very different audiences: younger crowds (12-24 demographics) would likely be drawn to the cartoonish violence, the comic book/super hero sequences, and the high school emotional drama; but older demographics (24+) would be more drawn to the political and social implications of the resulting film." The Blacklist 2.0 3/13/2013

"Overall the screenplay is well written, professional, and polished. It displays a clear understanding of narrative structure, character development, and symbolic repetition and variation. The screenplay conveys a strong sense of the visual world of the film, and it frequently employs visual storytelling. The depth of narration and its subjective nature establishes an emotional connection between the reader and Janey." The Blacklist 2.0 3/13/2013

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